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  • For an allergic patient, the NAET method currently represents as far as I know the only possibility to really get rid of one’s allergies. Unfortunately, the application of this treatment imposes constraints at times cumbersome to deal with concerning evictions. A number of patients, in particular children and older persons, complain about these demands difficult to hold for some evictions like minerals, pollens, dust, etc…

    To face this problem, the principle de homeopathy is attractive and seems quite appropriate for our aim of enabling to bypass this difficulty. Indeed, the allergic patient has developed his allergy by a frequent or extended contact with the allergen. If Hahnemann is to be believed, using for this treatment, adequate dilutions-dynamizations of the product which has "made him sick", should work for healing him

    In this view, I have attempted to use the possibilities of preparations of homeopathic type (potentization) offered by the Biopet, by following the operating notice associated with the device. I had to acknowledge very soon the limits of this approach.
    To the 100 % validation tests, the results were becoming inconsistent beyond 50 %, and the emotional levels never were validated. This is when I pondered what the Hahnemannian theory states about the levels of treatment depending on dilutions.
    Namely a homeopathic remedy, when pointedly prescribed, acts in a very different manner depending on its dilution-dynamization :
    — In lower dilutions, 5 Ch or 30 K it acts in the high-pitched range and upon local symptoms.
    — In average dilutions, 7 Ch, 9 Ch or 200 K, 1000 K, it acts more in depth, upon older symptoms, upon chronic troubles.
    — Finally, in the high dilutions, 15 Ch, 30 Ch, or 10000 K, 50 MK, the action then operates on the terrain of the mental or the emotional, and the higher the dilution, the more mental and emotional symptoms are concerned.

    In homeopathy, there are 2 modes of preparation of remedies.
    — Hanemannian or centesimal Hanemannian Dilutions, named Ch or H depending on the countries. They are unique dilutions-dynamizations diluted to the 100th starting from initial dose, for 1 Ch, then to the 100th from 1 Ch to 2 Ch and so on. Each dilution is prepared separately, starting from a fraction of the previous dilution and it only acts, in theory, upon the zone it is concerned about.
    — Korsakovian Dilutions (from the homeopath’s name who invented them). These dilutions-dynamizations are prepared per constant vial. The same one is used to prepare all dilutions : the next dilution is prepared starting from what is left of the previous dilution on the walls of the vial. The last dilution contains all the previous dilutions and acts upon the level associated with this dilution, but also upon all the levels concerned by the dilutions already performed.

    The Biopet, its usage

    According to the scarce data I could gather about the Biopet, it would seem that the dynamizations which could be obtained be of Korsakovian type, and are located around 700 K, which would explain the limits of their usage.
    The domains of action left inaccessible until now could be made reachable by increasing the dynamizations.
    * Two possible solutions :
    · Either have a homeopathic laboratory make the preparations starting from the allergen, at the appropriate dilution levels. Occasionally, it is possible, and it is what I was practicing before I discovered NAET, for treating the vaccine barrings, but, on a larger scale, it becomes cumbersome.
    · Or use the Biopet for reaching high dilutions, by potentizing a second time the dilution obtained with the instrument. It amounts to raise the dilution to its square.
    * Operating Mode :
    Let us suppose that the first potentization of the allergen resulted in 700 K. This preparation is collected in a clean vial, which becomes a preparation at 700 K of the allergen. This vial is then put on the « in » position of the instrument, while a clean dropper-bottle is put on the « out » position. Once the potentization process is reapplied, the contents of the dropper-bottle becomes a preparation for the allergen with a dynamization of 700 x 700 K = 490 000 K.
    At such a dilution, and according to homeopathic theory, this preparation is going to cover all the levels where the allergen has caused troubles, and the same result is reached with no need for any eviction, as with a classical NAET treatment.

    For more than two years when I have used this treatment system and that I observe the process and the results, its limits have appeared more clearly, and its usage conditions and its proper indications.

    * Prescriptions : The recourse to homeopathy is particularly relevant whenever a strict eviction is impossible or very difficult :
    · Pollens, perfumes, flowers, etc. during the active period of these producers
    · Dust, mites
    · Sun
    · Tobacco
    Thanks to homeopathy, prepared by means of the Biopet, starting from the allergen concerned, it is possible to treat pollen, sun, flowers, etc. without being obliged to wear a gas-mask, or to lock oneself up in the dark, protected from the sun.

    Another case of impossible eviction where homeopathy is precious : Mineral Mix.
    The 50 minerals found in this mix demand, for the NAET treatment to work, such a multitude of different evictions that it is impossible to respect it.
    In this case, for ensuring the result, I always treat Mineral Mix in homeopathy, using the Biopet, and I add Nickel, Iron and Calcium. I take care beforehand to establish, by means of the 20 most common witnesses that I have, the list of those to which the patient is allergic. They are the ones that I am more precisely going to validate afterwards.

    * Usage Conditions : The homeopathic treatment does not allow to avoid the eviction ; it is not necessary for the former to be efficient but if the need for a combination appears, it then is necessary either to continue through homeopathy, or to practice the eviction of the allergen at that time, under condition that the combinant had already been evicted. (Impossibility to perform two evictions on the same treatment).
    It is one of the constraints of this method : the transition from homeopathy to energetics then obliges to practice the evictions that have not been performed until then.

    · How to take the remedy :
    1. The Biopet instruction manual outlines the doses to follow when taking the drops : five drops on the tongue per day during two consecutive days, then two days rest, then ten drops on the tongue per day during two consecutive days followed again by two days rest. Last of all, on the ninth day, one or two full droppers and the treatment is finished.
    2. By using the QRT test, we may establish a different dosage according to the individual needs expressed by the patient’s body.

    I have in the past experimented with the dosage when treating animals, the dosage being ascertained by using the QRT test to question the patient’s body and determine the correct dosage. The results have been conclusive and it would seem that this method could also be used when treating human patients.

    In homeopathic treatment, it is the information transmitted by the remedy that is important, the quantity does not have a significant role, providing that it is sufficient to transmit the required information. The number of times that a given remedy is taken is much more important : often we need to hit a nail several times in order to hammer it in ! The QRT enables us to discover the number of times a remedy should be taken and also the lapse of time in between each dose. This resting time is necessary to give the body time to take advantage of the information.

    * Limits : 1. Essential precaution : not to leave the homeopathic preparation close to any electronic instrument (radio-clock, portable telephone, computer, television…). The information imprinted in the liquid in the vial might be erased. The preparation would lose all its efficiency.
    2. The eviction to respect in the classical NAET treatment represents for the patient his active participation in the treatment, his personal commitment. Every time the eviction is reasonably possible, it is best to maintain it and to treat through NAET.

    Some cases where homeopathy has been precious.
    * This month of May, particularly hot and dry, has facilitated a fast flowering and a massive dissemination of pollens and other allergizing productions, which, due to the absence of any rain, remain in suspension in the air, and provoke an increase of painful respiratory allergies. Out of the fifteen patients whom I had to treat in urgency, through homeopathy, only two of them have continued to be reactive. They represent two very allergic grounds that have required several successive combinations (still through homeopathy) to stabilize the result.
    In each case, the protocol is the same :
    1. By means of the test, establish list of responsible allergens
    Check whether they can be treated together (test) or whether they require a separate treatment.
    2. Depending on the result of this de test, prepare one or several drop-pouring recipients and apply the program provided with the Biopet.

    * Last year, a female patient displayed an allergy to the sun, just before leaving for vacations in Morocco. With the allergen « Sun rays », and after a test for verification, I have prepared the remedy in homeopathy, which she took during the week before her departure.
    Everything went well (no longer any reactions to the sun) until this spring, when the symptoms have reappeared. The test has shown the need for a combination with ADN-ARN. The preparation « Sun + ADN-ARN » in homeopathy has put everything back in order. Upon the last validation, after 15 days in Spain, everything stayed well : negative test.

    * A patient working as a server in a bar, does not smoke, but presents a strong allergy to Tobacco, due to all the smoke he inhales all day long. Moreover, quite demanding working hours make a serious eviction impossible.
    Homeopathy has enabled curing this problem in three stages :
    1. "Smoking" as homeopathic drops : improvement in 15 days,
    2. "Smoking + ADN-ARN" : improvement in 3 weeks,
    3. "Smoking + N + Lung" : the test about smoking has now been negative for 3 months.
    In parallel with this treatment, its basic allergens have been and continue to have to be treated in accordance with the classical NAET protocol. Every time the homeopathic treatment has been applied in his home, between the classical NAET treatments performed at the office.

    NOTE : classical homeopathy, prepared by specialized laboratories can also be used for NET treatments, under two conditions :
    1. It must be a simple element, available in homeopathic pharmacopoeia. It can be a mineral (iodine, sulfur, zinc, mercury…), a biotherapeutics (hormones, various secretions…) or a vaccine : BCG, Pentacoq, Hepatitis B, etc.
    2. QRT must be used to determine the dilution (most often 15 or 30 CH) and the number of intakes.

    After the treatment, validation is performed with the allergen itself, as for a classical NAET treatment.