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  • Recently, observations have started to show an increase and a diversification of cases of allergies which seem all the more inexplicable and worrisome in that conventional medicine is completely helpless, as much for diagnosing them as for treating them, let alone dealing with all the pathologies which such allergies may cause. Inasmuch as the link has not yet been established scientifically between allergies and all these pathologies, the only alternative is to treat the symptoms in very expensive ways, with mediocre results. The symptoms, often severe and invalidating, become chronic since the cause is still there, as it has neither been understood, nor treated, nor very often even looked for.

    In view of this problem, the NAET method represents an extraordinary alternative. It possesses a curative potential which most therapists are far from imagining, while they remain locked within the modern medical philosophy : relieving the patient by healing the symptom.

    As long as this narrow and limited vision of medicine is not overcome, the NAET method remains the only really efficient manner to treat an allergy, to put an end to its manifestations.

    When the patient is approached as a whole, by gathering carefully together all of his symptoms, by assessing all of his dysfunctions so as to attempt to understand how they all interplay, the situation is clarified in quite a novel way.

    The symptom ceases to be the goal, or the disturbance to eliminate. On the contrary, it becomes the guide who will lead us through the apparent labyrinth of the patient’s multiple relations of interdependencies.

    The question WHY ? provides the key to the labyrinth. As long as the question WHY ? is not raised, only the symptom will be treated, even though the way in which it is treated may change.

    The knowledge of Chinese Energetic and its laws represents an indispensable element, enabling us to understand the link between cause and effect.

    The body is a physical and mental entity where everything is interdependent. It is crucial to take this interdependency into account at all times, when a truly therapeutic action is aimed for, efficient and curative in the long run.

    (1) Some instances to illustrate these statements

    A female patient, whose children I am already treating for allergies, asked me for a session for herself as she has been suffering from digestive, urinary and genital problems for two years, and in spite of all the medical treatments, her problems are worse and worse.

    The problems started with recurrent cystitis, for which a doctor had prescribed antibiotics, the result was unsatisfactory. A change of antibiotics put an end to the cystitis, but replaced it by intestinal pains with diarrhea, bloating and the need to urinate very frequently.

    A stool analysis revealed the presence of pathogenic germs (Proteus Mirabilis, Klaebsiella Pneumonae). To treat these intestinal problems, new intake of antibiotics, which did not change the intestinal problems, but triggered vaginal problems (irritations and diverse infections). The doctor was at a loss as to what to do next.

    On examination, I immediately detected a very acute energetic imbalance :

    Spleen-Pancreas : quite dominating
    Heart : very strong as well
    Kidney : very disturbed, weak and vibrating
    Lung : weak and also vibrating
    Liver : stronger but disturbed

    The Spleen in excess indicates an allergy with a sweet savour : cereals and sugar. When testing, I discover a strong allergy to Wheat Gluten.

    The Heart in excess indicates an allergy to the bitter savour : coffee, chocolate or green vegetables. The test indicates a strong allergy to coffee and chocolate, consumed regularly.

    The strong but disturbed Liver indicates a disturbance by the Spleen-Pancreas, with a possibility of an allergy to the acid savour : vitamin C. The test shows an allergy to vinegar, citrus fruit, vegetable-fruits and certain other fruits.

    The Lung and the Kidney are both weak and vibrating, as they are strongly dominated, the former by the Heart and the Liver, the latter by the Heart and the Spleen, but they also present allergic reactions to some nutriments – milk products for the Kidney and spices for the Lung.

    With the help of the law of Five Elements, let us attempt to understand what has happened.

    Whenever the energy of an element[1] is strongly disturbed, it is the (Yang) Organ of the same element, which displays the disturbance through some dysfunction in its physiology or along the path of its associated meridian.

    The deficient physiology here of the Bladder (frequent need to urinate, cystitis) signals a strong disturbance of the Kidney dominated by the Spleen and by the Heart (Ko and inverted Ko cycles).

    The deficient physiology of the Large Intestine signals a disturbance of the Lung dominated by the Liver and the Heart (Ko and inverted Ko), aggravated by the frequent antibiotics, which have destroyed the intestinal and vaginal flora, leading to recurrent gynecological disturbances.

    The situation needed first and foremost, an emergency intervention to calm everthing down and to give back a minimum of comfort to the patient.

    On the subject of pathogenic bacteria, Essential Oils, on condition that they be wisely selected and tested, have a reliable and constant efficiency.
    Their complex molecular structure prevents the bacteria from creating resistant strains. The Oils are taken orally and by vaginal douche.

    Once the cleansing completed, both floras are regenerated using "noble" lyophilized bacteria, so-called Probiotics, ingested in the same ways.

    (2) As for the energetic disturbances, the techniques of seasonal rebalancing through Ting points (antique Shu points) enables us to reestablish the balance of these elements, and also to give back their physiological function to the disturbed organs.

    At this stage, until the allergies have been treated, it would be reasonable to avoid the nutriments to which the patient is allergic.

    If we were to stop here, the patient would be relieved, everything would seem to be back in order, but not for long.
    Indeed, the causes are still there, the allergies having caused the disorder have not disappeared, and as long as they are there, the disturbances will reappear at the first intake of the responsible nutriments. The best acupuncturist, applying the most appropriate treatment, will not be able to prevent the symptoms from reoccurring, and the chronic problems from settling in.
    For the same reasons, modern medical research struggles to invent, at high cost, new molecules, which enrich the medical profession, ruin the medical insurance system, but do not heal the patient.
    The genius of the NAET method is to position itself above the problems. The NAET method tackles the cause of the problem directly.

    For the female patient taken as an example, now that the acute disturbances have ceased, providing a minimum of comfort, we must now start to work on the causes of the problems.

    The pulses indicate the savour of the allergen, the intensity of the allergy, and the order in which the diverse allergies must be treated.

    The most dominating pulse – Spleen-Pancreas, indicates an allergy to the sweet savour, (strong reaction to Wheat and its family). After having treated BBF, the minerals to which the patient reacts (those which are contained in Wheat, and possibly others), the Grain mix shall be treated in priority.
    The second dominating pulse, the Heart, indicates an allergy to the bitter flavor, allergy to coffee-chocolate, which shall be treated after the Grain mix.
    Afterwards, the pulse of the Liver, rather strong and vibrating, indicates an allergy to Vitamin C, which shall be the following treatment.
    At this stage, the state of pulses Kidney and Lung shall indicate what to treat first, Milk products or Spices.
    It then shall be timely to start the treatment of the remaining base allergies, while giving priority to combinations which may appear for the already treated allergies.

    Another Example
    A 34 year old patient, who has just started treatment for his allergies, calls me quite concerned, and requests an emergency consultation. His doctor has announced that he must have suffered a Brain Vascular Accident, and that he displays the symptoms of a light right hemiplegia.

    On examination, he shows signs of vertigo with loss of balance on the right hand side.
    Bizarre feelings – pains, itchiness all along the right arm (thumb, elbow crease, front of the shoulder).
    Prickling all along the external side of the right leg down to the foot.
    Moreover he is limping on the right foot.

    (1) Osteopathic state
    Loss of mobility of the whole right half-side bones of his head
    Loss of mobility of the lower right limb, coming from the ankle strain

    (2) Energetic state
    Pulse of the Lung very strong and dominating.
    Pulse of the Liver strong but dominated.
    Pulse of the Heart slightly weak but not vibrating.
    Pulse of the Kidney normal.
    Pulse of the Spleen slightly weak but not vibrating.

    The initial status of his allergies was already established, some already treated, particularly Wheat and Milk products.

    But I find a strong allergy to Spices and to Vitamin C, which manifests the need for a new combination. The patient confirms it by announcing that during the week preceding the appearance of disturbances, he has eaten very spicy food and lots of fruit, tomatoes etc…

    Interpretation of the Profiles
    (1) Osteopathic state
    I learn from asking the patient that, two days before the appearance of the problems, while unloading wood with his father, he received a log on the head, above the right ear, hence the blocking of the right temporal with vertigo and loss of balance.
    He remembers having twisted his right foot some time earlier when playing soccer.

    (2) Energetic state
    When a Yin Organ is very strongly dominating, it can entail pains or a loss of sensitivity along all or part of the path of its meridian. Which is the case here with the Lung and the right arm.
    The right-left localization is determined by the frailty of the limb, which is the case here with an old trauma on the right hand not yet treated.

    When a Yin Organ is dominated, the Yang Organ of the same element manifests it by some dysfunction and-or sensitive disturbances (pains, itching, loss of sensitivity) along the path of its meridian.
    Here too lateralization is related to the loss of mobility of one of the limbs.

    The Liver disturbed by the dominating Lung (Ko cycle) signals it by pains – prickling all along the meridian of the Gall Bladder on the right side.

    Energetic Treatment – Allergies
    Start of the treatment of allergies to Spices, accompanied by a dispersion of excess Lung energy by means of the corresponding seasonal point.

    Dispersion of the disturbed Liver energy and strengthening of the Gall Bladder.

    Vitamin C to be treated again in combination, shall be treated at the next session.

    Osteopathic treatment
    Liberation of the right temporal with respect to the surrounding bones.
    Liberation of the spheno-basal and of the occiput-atlas connections, the sacrum and L5.
    Treatment of the right ankle strain.

    After the treatment the patient went back home, freed from his problems and reassured with regards to his so-called hemiplegia.

    (2) Genius of the NAET method

    With the possibility to track and treat all allergies, Devi Nambudripad has offered conventional medicine an extraordinary opening onto a domain of health hardly explored until now, and practically devoid of any efficiently curative treatments.

    What now counts is to use its potential to the full.

    Its use as a "recipe" for healing an allergy, with a protocol to follow so that it works, is an option which yields results, but which does not move away from the philosophy of modern medicine : "to treat the symptom". This use for many practitioners is akin to Magic Thinking : "the method given by the master is efficient, under condition that the ritual is respected". Why and how it works is not quite known, but hush, no questions please … the result is there !

    If we want to give this method all its breadth, to open all the doors which it reveals to reset or stabilize the health balance, it is primordial to raise the basic questions : how does it work and why ?

    The method is organized in two independent parts :
    the tests, diagnosis and evaluation.
    the treatment itself.

    Three large families of tests offer a comparable reliability and an efficiency narrowly correlated with the mastery of the test by the practitioner. By using physiological constants of the body – strength of a muscle, cardiac rhythm, Primary Breathing Movement (Cranio-Sacral Movement) – and the observation of their variations according to the questions raised, a dialogue can be established between the practitioner and the patient’s body.

    The domain of testing shall be the object of a future essay.
    Let us concern ourselves today with the method itself.

    By stimulation of acupuncture points as per the NAET protocol, Chinese Energetic enables us to reprogram the Immune System in view of an allergen, so that it shall no longer react in its presence.

    We have previously seen that each dorsal or lumbar vertebra corresponds to an organ or to its function.
    We have also seen that, according to the law of five elements, each organ corresponds to a savour. A nutriment to which an allergy has appeared, is going to bring an excess of energy to the organ corresponding to its savour, to its element.

    An organ with an excess of energy is going to trigger :
    • pains and a loss of mobility of the corresponding vertebrae,
    • a physiological disorder of the organ itself,
    • a domination and perturbation of the organs with which it is in balance.

    These perturbations enable us to associate allergies with the whole of human pathology.

    (3) From Elements to pathologies

    Let us examine these perturbations organ by organ, or rather element by element.

    Element : WOOD
    Flavor : Acid
    Organ : Liver
    Viscera : Gall Bladder
    Concerned allergens : Vitamin C, Vinegar, Fruit, citrus fruits, fruit vegetables, berries

    A pulse of the Liver in excess of energy shall indicate an allergy to one or several nutriments of this savour.

    Consequences :
    A deficient physiology of the Liver : Cholesterol and blood Triglyceride levels too high

    If the Liver is dominating (law of the 5 elements) :
    possible pains along the meridian of the liver (big toe, knee, internal side of thigh)
    frontal headache
    tendency to anger
    D4 blocked or painful plus sometimes the fourth rib

    If the Liver is dominating the Lung :
    The Large Intestine displays the disturbances as :
    intestinal spasms with gazes and soft stool
    even sometimes constipation with soft stool (anal spasms)
    insomnia between 3 and 5 am (Lung) or 5 and 7 am (Large Intestine)
    D3 blocked leading sometimes to the third rib
    L3, L4 painful (lumbago)
    pains along the meridian of the large Intestine (scapulo-humeral peri-arthritis,
    shoulder tendinitis, tennis elbow)

    If the Liver is dominating the Spleen :
    The Stomach displays perturbations such as :
    burns, acid belches, stomach cramps
    nausea at breakfast
    disturbances from 7 to 9 am (Stomach) or 9 to 11 am ( Spleen)
    pains along the trajectory of the Stomach meridian
    D11 and D12 painful, as well at times as the corresponding ribs

    If the Liver is dominated by the Lung or the Spleen :
    The Gall Bladder displays perturbations such as :
    pains on D9-D10
    pains along the trajectory of the Gall Bladder meridian
    pains in the cranial zone of the temporals
    pains in the leg (external side, from the large trochanter down to the fourth toe) oftentimes called cruralgia
    spasms of the choledoc channel, with intestinal disturbances, discolored or white stool, colics
    difficulty to drop off to sleep, from 11 to 1 am (Gall Bladder) or from 1 to 3 am (Liver)

    Element : FIRE
    Flavor : Sour
    Organ : Heart
    Viscera : Small Intestine
    Concerned allergens : Coffee, Chocolate, Leaf Vegetables.

    A pulse of the Heart in excess of Energy indicates most of the time an allergy to Coffee, Chocolate, and sometimes, but more rarely to green vegetables (leaves).

    Consequences :
    A deficient physiology of the Heart : arrhythmia, tachycardia and other worse disturbances, angina…

    If the Heart is dominating (law of the 5 elements) :
    possible pains along the trajectory of the Heart meridian
    tendency to pride, intolerance, contradiction
    D6 blocked and painful, followed sometimes by one or both 6th ribs

    If the Heart is dominating the Lung :
    There too, the Large Intestine demonstrates, but in slightly different way :
    gas and belly swelling
    intestinal spasms or pains
    diarrhea, liquid stools
    pains along the trajectory of the Large Intestine meridian, already
    described, also insomnia of the second part of night.

    If the Heart is dominating the Kidney :
    The Urinary Bladder is going to generate perturbations in its function :
    Urinary retention
    Pains along the trajectory of the Bladder meridian , called Sciatic, along the
    part on the back side of the leg
    cephalalgia on the part of the skull starting from the internal angle of the
    eye and siding the median line of the skull
    back pain with blocking of the second lumbar vertebra.
    Sleepiness in the afternoon (from 3.00 to 5.00 - Bladder, from 5.00 to 7.00 - Kidney)

    If the Heart is dominated (by the Kidney or the Lung)
    The Small Intestine is going to signal it through perturbations
    D5 is blocked or painful with sometimes one or both of the fifth ribs
    pains along the meridian of the Small Intestine (little finger, back side of the arm, shoulder blade)
    spasms of the Small Intestine, pains of the low abdomen and flatulence.
    Perturbations corresponding to the hour of the meridian are not often found.

    Element : EARTH
    Flavor : sweet
    Organ : Spleen
    Viscera : Stomach
    Concerned allergens : Sugar, Wheat and all its family, Gluten, Corn, sometimes Rice or Quinoa (rarely)

    The pulse of the Spleen-Pancreas in excess is going to signal an allergy to one of these nutriments, most often Wheat and its family and Corn, sometimes also Sugar, rarely Rice or Quinoa.

    Consequences :
    The physiology of the Spleen-Pancreas is deficient :
    bad water management, retention of water in the tissues
    bad assimilation of sugars, tendency to diabetes
    Vertebrae D7-D8 painful and blocked as well as sometimes the 7th and 8th ribs

    If the Spleen-Pancreas is dominating (law of the 5 elements) :
    Pains along the meridian : Hallus valgus on the foot, Spleen-7 point at the knee, inguinal fold.
    Weight gain which is difficult to control.

    If the Spleen-Pancreas is dominating the Kidney :
    The Urinary Bladder is shows perturbations such as :
    cystitis, urinary retention.
    pain along the meridian appearing as sciatic.
    median cephaleas (internal angle of the eye, occiput).
    lumbago : pains and blocking of the 2nd Lumbar vertebra (disturbed Kidney)
    sleepiness between 17.00 and 19.00, hours of the Kidney (or other perturbations at this time of day).
    sleepiness between 15.00 and 17.00 (hour of the Bladder).

    If the Spleen-Pancreas is dominating the Liver :
    The same disturbances described above are encountered :
    spasms of the choledoc channel
    white stools
    pains along the trajectory of the meridian (external side of the leg, lateral skull surface).

    If the Spleen-Pancreas is dominated,
    The Stomach is going to signal it by perturbations already indicated in this case
    stomach burns
    acid burps
    stomach spasms
    symptoms gathered together under the medical term of "hiatal hernia"
    pains along the trajectory of the Stomach meridian (external front side of the leg, face).
    fatigue during the morning, faintness around 11.00 (hypoglycaemia).

    Element : METAL
    Flavor : pungent
    Organ : Lung
    Viscera : Large Intestine
    Concerned allergens : Spices, Root vegetables.

    An excess of energy on the Lung signals an allergy to one of the nutriments which concern it. Often Spices, but it can also be Potatoes (allergy to Vitamin C and Potassium) or carrots (Vitamin A), sometimes also red beetroot (beet sugar).

    Consequences :
    The physiology of the Lung is deficient, with repetitive perturbations ; cough, bronchitis, asthma. Vertebrae D2 (Lung function) and L3 (Large Intestine function) are going to be blocked or painful (plus possibility for 2nd rib).

    If the Lung is dominating :
    Pain along the trajectory of its meridian : pain in the arm on the side of the palm, from the thumb up to the collar bone, through the elbow, along the external edge of the biceps tendon.
    Constipation, hard dry stools.

    If the Lung is dominating the Liver,
    The Gall Bladder displays the symptoms evoked above :
    spasms of the bladder
    pains along the trajectory of its meridian
    plus severe difficulty to fall asleep before 1 am, even sometimes before 3 am (as the hour of the Gall Bladder is from 11 pm to 1 am, then from 1 am to 3 am, the Liver)

    If the Lung is dominating the Heart,
    the Small Intestine is displaying the disturbances, usually along the trajectory of its meridian, more rarely as low abdominal pains (Small Intestine).

    If the Lung is dominated :
    The most noticeable disturbances are displayed :
    by sleep problems, waking at 3 am or 5 am, or insomnia from at 3 am.
    by problems concerning the Large Intestine, with flatulence and swelling, intestinal spasms, colites, soft stools, diarrhea
    rupture of the rotator caul.

    The rupture of the rotator tops, that is to say the breaking of tendons of muscles rotating the arms is the consequence of a long lasting domination of the Lung by the Liver or by the Heart, or both. This maintains an uninterrupted succession of inflammatory episodes with a deposit of limestone crystals in the tendons at each remission ( = scarification). Such crystals diffused within the tendons are abrasive and end-up cutting all the tendon fibres.

    Element : WATER
    Flavor : salty
    Organ : Kidney
    Viscera : Urinary Bladder
    Concerned allergens : Salt, Animal products, eggs, poultry, milk products and meat. Nutriments most often causing allergies for the Kidney are milk products +++, eggs, poultry, salt and sometimes meat (mostly Pork).

    Consequences :
    The Kidney physiology is defective, the water recuperated through digestion is no longer used by the Kidney to filter-out blood, hence the risk of urea, uric acid, kidney lithiase, nephritic colics.
    Unused water remains in the blood and causes hypertension, or it lays wherever it may, depending on the action which the Spleen can have (within tissues, or in the ankles, by gravity).

    The first dorsal vertebra blocks causing one or both of the first ribs to block, and causes :
    a crick in the neck
    locking of the "Rib-Collar bone line" out of tension on the membrane closing the thoracic cage between the first and second ribs and the collar bone. The syndrome settles-in, falsely named the "Carpian Channel" syndrome. However this syndrome is caused by the tense "Rib-Collar bone" membrane strangling the vasculo-nervous pack which passes through it, to irrigate and innervate the arm and hand

    If the Kidney is dominating :
    pains along the trajectory of the meridian, sole of the foot, internal malleole, internal edge of the back side of the knee, the most internal iliac adductors

    If the Kidney is dominating the Spleen-Pancreas :
    The Stomach is going to display perturbations already evoked :
    acid belches
    stomach burns and spasms, what conventional medicine calls a "hiatal hernia"
    accompanied by a painful blocking of the 11th and 12th dorsal vertebrae and often the 11th and 12th ribs
    as well as pains along the trajectory of the Stomach
    faintness or troubles between 7 am and 11 am.

    If the Kidney is dominating the Heart :
    The Small Intestine is going to display disturbances.
    along the trajectory of its meridian
    sometimes lower abdominal pains

    If the Kidney is dominated :
    The disturbances of the Urinary Bladder are found now again.
    difficulty to urinate
    pains along the trajectory of the meridian,
    median cephaleas (from the internal angle of the eye to the occiput)
    sleepiness from 3 to 5 pm or from 5 to 7 pm.

    (4) From pathologies to allergies

    Let us now examine some of the major pathologies and their relationships with allergies through 3 case studies.

    Example 1 : Arterial tension

    Classically, conventional medicine prescribes diuretics to eliminate the water recuperated by the blood during digestion, water which has not been used by the kidney to get rid of its waste ; it is treating the symptom.

    Energetically : the physiology of the Kidney is deficient due to an excess of energy, this excess of energy being due to allergies.

    One day, following sensations evoking hypertension – heavy head, ringing in the ears, slight but constant faintness, I measured my intra-arterial pressure, which has always been stable at 12-7. Surprise : the tensiometre displays 18-10 ! On questioning my body by means of a QRT test, I find :
    Confirmation of the link with an allergy
    Among the salty nutriments (savour of the Kidney), I find Salt strongly reactive, and I realise that, for a long time, while the meal is cooking, I eat a handful of salty cashew nuts.

    I immediately stopped eating Cashew nuts and Salt, and I treated the allergy to Salt as per the NAET protocol.
    Eight days later, my blood tension was down at 12-7, 13-8 without any medication, having reintroduced salty food to my diet.

    Example 2 : Cephaleas

    Six of the meridians either start from or end-up in the skull. When a perturbation on one of these manifests itself by pains on its trajectory, as soon as there are unsolved traumatic problems in the skull, it is going to be felt in these locations.

    The perturbated Gall Bladder can give rise to pains along the trajectory of this meridian in the Brain, on a single side or both, starting from the external angle of the eye, causing what is called a migraine (left or right) or a helmet cephalea (both sides at once). The culprit can be :
    the Spleen – test and treat Grain mix and Sugars,
    the Lung – test and treat Spices, vegetable Roots, potatoes, carrots, red beets, etc.

    The perturbated Urinary Bladder can give rise to median cephaleas, as the meridian starts on the internal angle of each eye and follows a trajectory parallel to the Governing Vessel. The pain can be one-sided, sometimes on both sides, but the trajectory being close to the median line, it is often difficult to identify the side. As the Kidney can be dominated by the Spleen or the Heart, check and test the following :
    for the Spleen – Cereals or Sugars,
    for the Heart – Coffee, Chocolate, Leaf Vegetables.

    The perturbated Stomach can give rise to pains in the face, the trajectory of the Stomach meridian through the skull travels down each side of the face. They are commonly named Neuralgias of the Arnold nerve by classical medicine, or Neuralgias of the trigeminal nerve, but they usually correspond to a perturbation of the Stomach meridian. The Spleen can be dominated by the Kidney or the Liver, check and test the following :
    for the Kidney – Eggs, Milk products, Salt and sometimes Meat,
    for the Liver – Vitamin C, without forgetting Fruit vegetables.

    Two other meridians may be the cause of pain assigned by classical medicine to Neuralgias of cranial nerves.

    The Triple Warmer proceeds through a seven point trajectory on the temporal bone by passing along the temple to end-up in front of the auditory conduit.

    The Small Intestine meridian follows a trajectory of three points, from the mandible, to the front of the auditory conduit, passing through the middle of the maxillary. This meridian may also be the cause for cases of Trismus. The Heart can be disturbed by the Kidney or the Lung, therefore check and test the following :
    for the Kidney – Eggs, Milk products, Salt and sometimes meat
    for the Lung – Spices and Root Vegetables

    The Large Intestine rarely manifests itself on the skull, although it terminates on the front of the maxillaries on both sides of the nose.

    Remark : Each meridian has a point by which it enters or exits the skull. Such points, which the Chinese call "windows of the sky" can also be the seat of pain in case of perturbations of the meridian.
    The two principal points concerned are the UB-10 and GB-20 located on both sides of the insert of each of the two paravertebral muscles on the occiput.

    The poetical naming of "windows of the sky" corresponds to the fact that the sky is above the head, and that energy proceeds through these points to go from the sky to the body and conversely.

    Another important zone of the skull, in relation to cephaleas is the frontal zone located between the eyes and the hairline.
    Whenever this zone is painful, it always refers to an excess of energy on the Liver, often reinforced in women at the time of menstruation, and sometimes even accompanied by ophthalmic pains and nauseas :
    - Vitamin C must be treated plus Dispersion of the Liver (antique Shu points)

    Such a localization is explained by the analogy between the organs and the schematic display of the 5 elements on the Circle with the Spleen on the center, and the skull seen from above : there the Liver would correspond to the forehead, the Heart to the right temporal, the Lung to the Occiput, the Kidney to the left temporal, and in the center the spheno-basilar junction, seat of the Pituitary Gland (Hypophysis), to the Spleen-pancreas complex.

    All these relationships are verified in practice, the most obvious being the Forehead and the Liver, the Occiput and the Lung, the left temporal, always implicated in dyslexia for the Kidney in Excess (Dyslexic patients oftentimes suffer from Enuresis).

    Example 3 : Crohn’s disease
    Also called Hemorrhagic Rectocolite it concerns the whole digestive tube, with a preference for the Ileon, the Colon and the Rectum.

    We have previously seen that the Large Intestine or Colon expresses, through perturbations of its function or through pains along its trajectory, the imbalances and energetic disturbances of the Lung.
    For a dominating Lung, the Large Intestine is going to display constipation with dry and hard stools, or may even remain totally mute. With Crohn’s disease, the exact opposite happens, which corresponds to a dominated Lung.

    Among the Five Elements, the two which can dominate the Lung are the Heart (Ko Cycle) or the Liver (inverse Ko cycle). Experience reveals an extremely frequent implication of the Liver, with very deep allergies to nutriments of Acid savour (Vitamin C mix) : vinegar, Citrus fruit, Fruit, Fruit vegetables. Numerous successive combinations shall be necessary to put an end to the disease, associated with emotional issues as they also play a big role.
    It can be observed that the apparition of new combinations to treat often follows a transient resurge of the disease, which disappears as soon as the combination is treated.

    The Heart also plays a non-negligible role in the development of Crohn’s disease. Allergies to Coffee, to Chocolate and sometimes to Leaf Vegetables (sour savour) can put it in a dominating relationship with respect to the Lung and can contribute to the settling and maintaining of an inflammatory state of the Colon. Given the possible localization on the lower part of the small intestine, the Heart dominated may also be responsible for this disease.

    Without neglecting the other base allergies, the priority treatment of these allergies very soon makes the disease regress and calms the symptoms, which allows us to gradually reduce the intake of corticoids. It must be remembered, though, that as long as all the combinations for these allergens have not been treated, resurges shall occur, as signs that a new combination must be treated.

    The Spleen-Pancreas also can play a role in the development of Crohn’s disease, with the Coeliac syndrome as starting point, characterized by a poor intestinal absorption leading to diarrheas. It is said that it is triggered by an allergy to Gluten and that it can be spontaneously healed around the age of 6 or 7.

    I am currently treating for this disease a 30 year old woman, for whom the perturbations appeared two to three years ago to become more and more invasive. She has been following a treatment with me for 18 months, with a medical diagnosis of Crohn’s disease.
    Upon her arrival, she was displaying the following energetic levels :
    ° Spleen-pancreas : in very large excess,
    ° Kidney : very weak and vibrating,
    ° Heart : strong,
    ° Lung : strongly disturbed and quite vibrating,
    ° Liver : dominated by the Spleen, but little disturbed.

    On testing, I was surprised to find an absence of reaction to Wheat, to Gluten and to all Cereals from this family. I discovered however a very strong allergy to rice, of which the patient already under corticoids was unaware : the patient had unknowingly cultivated this allergy, until she came to me.
    Through establishing her profile I also found allergies for the other elements, but noticeably less strong than for the Spleen :
    Notwithstanding an intolerance to Eggs and Milk products, The Kidney was totally dominated by the Spleen and was totally unable to control the Heart. The latter rendered strong in spite of itself, and comforted even further by an allergy to Chocolate, took advantage to dominate the Lung. This one was already under duress from the Liver which the allergy to Vitamin C (Vinegar, Citrus Fruit, etc.) enabled to dominate it while resisting to the Spleen. It all explains the violent inflammatory reaction of the Large Intestine, reinforced by a constitutive frailty of this organ of the patient.

    After having dispersed the big excess of the Spleen, the pulses came back into balance by themselves and the patient felt much better. The treatment of the allergy to rice was naturally mandatory with prescription of prudence in the consumption of Rice, knowing that numerous combinations would have to be treated before the end, with therefore numerous "resurges".

    The treatment has been following its course for one year and a half, with treatment of base allergies, combinations… Fruit for the Liver are not too implicated. Chocolate is a bit more reactive, but on the third combination the heart came back to normal and appears stable. Rice, on the other hand, is much more reactive, and I expect to find a new combination is needed for treatment at the next visit.

    In such a case as in the previous instances, the information provided by Chinese Energetic is extremely precious and enables us to find the right answers to the questions WHY ? and HOW ?.

    The Pulses provide data about the levels of energy and the disturbances of each element :
    Who is dominating ?
    Who is dominated ?
    And who should be treated first ?

    The Savours in relation with each element enable us to locate the trouble-makers.

    The Test QRT, by the dialogue it allows us to have with the patient’s body, then steps in to validate the result of deductions, confirming the right treatment to apply.

    As long as the allergies, responsible for the energetic imbalances, have not been identified and treated, conflicts and energetic perturbations persist. Resulting health troubles shall at times be reduced by medical prescriptions, but as long as the causes remain present, they become more and more recurrent, chronic and resist treatment.

    The Allergy is at the origin of the disease. As long as it is present, the disease evolves, worsens and demands heavier and heavier means to be controlled, but not healed.

    The NAET method, by tracking and eliminating the Allergy, eliminates the disease, which merely is its signal, its symptom.

    [1] Namely the disturbed element (Yin Organ and Yang Entrail constituting this element) among the 5 elements : wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, each corresponding to both of one Yin Organ and one Yang Entrail.